Coffee Beans (Ground 1/2 Pound)

We liked this Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Rustic Italian Roast Blend so much that we decided to put our name on it. Well, actually we provided the labels to them and they put our name on the bags.

This product will be available on an ongoing basis, so you'll be able to keep your customers beaned up and eager to call you every time they have a shipment.

***The roaster suggests these do have a shelf life of about 12months ***
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Holiday Card - TBD!

So there is currently a lively debate as to what holiday theme/design we should go with this year. As such, we don't have a design prepared but in an effort to maximize our buying time, we're using a placeholder image while we finalize the design. As a reminder, we will also have an eCard ready early December if you want to save trees (nothing beats the feel/touch of a good ol' fashion holiday card though!)

Budget Gift Bag

Less is more, especially with this Twisted Paper Handle Shopper! This classic styled shopping bag is made with White Kraft paper with matching twisted handles. This 10” x 13” (fits wall calendars) bag has a serrated cut top along with 5” bottom and side gussets.

Mint Tin with Truck-Shaped Mints

Keep on truckin' with these new truck-shaped mints in a compact hinged mint tin.