New products

Lanyard Wide

Lay flat wide style lanyard with safety break-away clasp and swivel J-hook attachment.

DOT/GVW/Etc Truck Vinyl

Price includes set of 2 (one for each door). No truck is legal without these stickers on your cab. Designed to fit most doors at approx 18" x 13" (so make sure you have space on your cab doors). Once we order we will contact you to verify your cab color as that will depend on if the letters are white or black.

Please email and let us know:

1) What company the truck is owned and operated by
2) The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
3) The US DOT#
4) The MC#
5) Other required info such as CC, ILCC MC, etc, if applicable



Make any gift a TransGroup gift by slapping a TransGroup bow on it! Getting your customer a new Lexus? Just stick this 3.75" bow on the hood! A quick and inexpensive way to personalize any gift you choose. Comes with adhesive sticker so you can stick this to almost any item in TransGear!

Photo shown is stock photo, but will feature design shown below.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

This 6"x 6" soft scratch-free microfiber cleaning cloth is great for smartphone, tablets, computers and eyeglasses/sunglasses. Folded and packed in a clear vinyl pouch for compact and inexpensive gift-giving.

Mint Tin with Truck-Shaped Mints

Keep on truckin' with these new truck-shaped mints in a compact hinged mint tin.

Tire Spinner Pen

Once you pick it up, you can't put it down. The ergonomic, easy-to-use, thumb-spinning action is highly addictive and oh- so-fun, and with a tire tread spinner the grip is even better. The Tire Spinner Pen shows off our trucking pride and keeps you focused and productive while taking notes, writing papers or sitting in on yet another unnecessary conference call.