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Note From Corporate

It is important that we differentiate between what is considered a Corporate Title (to be assigned to corporate personnel only) and titles that may be assigned to station partners and their staff members. As such, please use the following guidelines for business card titles.

Manager OK
General Manager of Sales / Operations OK
Regional Director of Sales / Operations (Station Owners / Managers ONLY)*** OK
Account Manager OK
Account Executive OK
Director (any use other than Regional Director) NOT OK
President NOT OK
Vice President NOT OK
Secretary Treasurer NOT OK
Director of Finance NOT OK
Manager Finance NOT OK
Manager Accounting NOT OK

*** No regions can be named when opting for “Regional Director” title.
Deviations to above title policy are subject to approval by corporate prior to submission of business card request. Submit requests to: businesscardrequest@transgroup.com Further, all titles published on Outlook signature blocks will reflect the same titles as printed on TransGroup business cards.

Please fill in the requested information below and press "submit" to complete request.

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Office Information

Office Address
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Office Phones
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Name of approving Station / Corporate Manager

Please Note: It takes approximately four business days for your request to be processed.

The business cards you will receive feature three vintage variations, a plane, a train, and a truck. Use of an address other than standard station address, must be authorized by Ron Lee, Greg Vernoy or Christine Dearden.