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TransGroup ID Badge
*After ordering your badge(s), please email the pictures to transgear@transgroup.com. If ordering more than 1 badge, please rename the picture file to the person's name.*

Badges? Badges you say? Yes – we do need stinkin’ badges! Looking for an official TransGroup Badge? You know – the kind that make mere mortals tremble when you flash ‘em?

Please send:
1) a JPG photo (cell pictures are fine) and send to transgear@transgroup.com

2) an STA number

3) Name of the person.

We also offer three color coded badges, GREEN for full unrestricted access, YELLOW for limited access that requires escort through cargo/warehouse areas, and RED for restricted access which requires escort at all times. By default we will send GREEN badges if we receive an accompanying STA number. If you need a YELLOW or RED coded badge, please specify that in the 'notes' field in the following order screen. If you need 'Visitor' badges, please specify that as well in the 'notes' field.