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Canvas - TransWarhol 14 inch
Dubbed the "TransWarhol," this custom piece was designed in-house as a unique decor piece for any office. Inspired by Andy Warhol, the canvas set features a collage of DC-3 aircraft, that when hung in the correct order, spell out 'TRANSGROUP!' The 10-piece set comes in either 18"x18" or 14"x14" canvas sizes. We source the 14"x14" version through Costco and can arrange for local pickup or ship direct to your office. If you want to go larger, the 18"x18" is sourced through CanvasWorld.com and will ship direct to your office. We will also email you a hanging guide so that it is correctly hung with equidistant spacing. You can either hang them horizontally creating a 5 column x 2 row layout, or for skinnier walls you can hang them at 2 columns x 5 rows. The 18"x18" version spans roughly 98" wide (which includes the 2" gap between each canvas) so your wall will have to bit at least 104" wide. The 14"x14" version spans roughly 74" wide (which includes a 1" gap between each canvas). Please allow at least 1.5 weeks for delivery after ordering.


Units:  14"X14"