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Monitor/TV ReaderBoard Setup
If you’re looking for an affordable reader-board solution, the Intel Compute Stick is a good choice. The Copmpute Stick, which is basically a mini computer, will come preloaded with access to RiseVision, the software that creates dynamic slideshow viewing. Or, you can run a PowerPoint file on loop. Also included is a wireless keyboard that will come paired with the Compute Stick.

All you need to do, is plug in the Compute Stick via HDMI to any TV and switch the input. You may purchase a TV of your choosing, however we recommend NEC as they are one of our customers. You will also need a wall mount for your TV. If you need help sourcing a TV or Wall Mount, feel free to contact the IT department. Once setup in your office, Marketing and/or IT will assist you in the setup should you need any help.


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