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Coffee Beans (Ground 1/2 Pound)

We liked this Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Rustic Italian Roast Blend so much that we decided to put our name on it. Well, actually we provided the labels to them and they put our name on the bags.

This product will be available on an ongoing basis, so you'll be able to keep your customers beaned up and eager to call you every time they have a shipment.

***The roaster suggests these do have a shelf life of about 12months ***

Mints - Truck Shaped

Rarely is there a subtle way to tell someone they have bad breath. But with TransGroup's new Semi Truck Mints, telling someone is half the fun when you're handing these out! Got some spinach on that tooth? Truck Mints to the rescue! Thats right, not only does this attractive piece have mints, it also hauls toothpicks around for a complete oral emergency kit. Great for sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, and there is never any harm by keeping one for yourself!

Pallet Coasters (Set of 5)

How dare our customers set their drink down on inferior coasters. Save them from themselves by giving them a set of TransGroup wood pallet coasters!

Each order includes 5 coasters.

Shot Glass

A very heavy and stout shot glass designed to keep our industry plugging along. Cheers!

Stickers - Our World is Donuts!

Personalize your next donut drop-off with a TransGroup sticker! A cute method for letting your customer's office staff know who the treat deliverer was! Stickers measure 6" wide x 2" high. If you want a more universal option, check out the 'Our World is Treats!" stickers which covers a broader range of goodies.

Stickers - Our World is Treats!

Personalize your next goodie drop-off with a TransGroup sticker! A cute method for letting your customer's office staff know who the treat-deliverer was! Stickers measure 6" wide x 2" high.

Tumbler - Acrylic

You've seen them at Starbucks and coffee shops around the world and most likely your coworker’s desk. The acrylic tumbler has proven itself to be a favorite in recent years and now you can get your very own! BPA free and constructed of double-walled acrylic. Includes a twist-on lid and straw. Reusable to the last drop!

Tumbler Traveler - Stainless 20oz

Check out our 'hot' 20oz Vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel tumbler. A Yeti-inspired design without the Yeti price tag! Includes clear AS plastic spill-resistant slide-lock lid. Vacuum insulation helps keep your hot beverages warm longer and cold beverages cool longer than bottles and tumblers without vacuum insulation.

BPA Free. Item dimensions 7"h x 3.38"dia. Body is 304 Stainless Steel. Interior is 201 Stainless Steel Exterior. Lid is AS Plastic.

Wine Gift Box

The TransGroup wine box features a rope handle for easy transport, and a sliding lid that unveils a compartment for not one, but two of your favorite wines! And besides wine, it also makes for a great stand-alone presentation box for any gift that will fit in a 7.5" x 14" x 4" space. Made from unfinished re-sawn pine.

Wine Tote - 2 Bottle

A simple and inexpensive way to deliver wine and spirits (or other gifts as well!). Features TransGroup logo. Measures 6.75"x11"x3.5"

For executive wine delivery, consider the wooden wine box under Accessories.